To un-mystify the LEED Process, it is a points based standard of measurement on environmentally responsible buildings. So what is a “green” design? Design and construction practices that significantly reduce or eliminate the negative impact of buildings on the environment and occupants in five broad areas.

  1. Sustainable site planning.
  2. Safeguarding water and water efficiency.
  3. Energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  4. Conservation of materials and resources.
  5. Indoor environmental quality.
LEED-NC Levels of Certification
  • Prerequisites*: 7
  • Certified: 26
  • Silver: 33
  • Gold: 39
  • Platinum: 52
  • Total Possible: 69

We can help you earn your MR Credit 2.1 & MR Credit 2.2, with our comprehensive LEED paper work system and tracking. We also recycle your regular construction debris just in case a percentage is salvageable. Municipalities are starting to require certain LEED credits due to the stress in our landfills, roads, and resources. Most everybody will soon be involved with LEED sustainability design.